USPS Flat Rate Box woes

i was shipping ~15 hard drives so I used a USPS Flat Rate Box, and since it was 20 pounds I taped the thing 5-6 times around each way to make sure that it wouldn’t break.

my dad told me afterwards that they would reject me because i covered the words “Flat Rate Box” on the box, even though I only really covered “Rate”.

I waited in the longest line of my life, about 30 minutes.. just to have them say no, “because our guys in the back can’t see that it’s flat rate”. really, how can you not tell?

I went home and spent 5 minutes pulling off tape to fix it and mailed it again yesterday, and she asked, and i pointed to my little cutout, and fortunately didn’t get rejected again.

quite a valuable lesson learned. i should have listened to my dad, but the last 2-3 times he warned me i got away with things like these.


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