canon powershot sd450 e18 lens error

infamous camera dropping happened again. i remember Richard helped me fix (with steady hands) one that my dad dropped. simply putting the lens back into the tumbler but externally.

this time, it was at louis’s party over the weekend with plenty of well-intoxicated people.. except myself, of course. even then, you can’t keep everything to reasonable levels.. and i was not able to prevent Teresa’s camera from dropping. lenses smashed in and can’t go in and out..

Canon said repair for $99 or a discounted SD850 for $150, so me and Christian said screw that and decided to go on a little endeavor with the camera. it wouldn’t budge no matter the quantity or type of force applied to it so we opened it up for 1-2 hours. got pretty deep before we gave up (spent most of ping pong friday cleaning and doing this.. and setting up for/watching olympics… there goes my fun), but eric took it home and was able to dig deeper than we did on his time, and it was simply putting something back on track.. once you opened it enough.

may everyone take this as a lesson that this is REALLY easy to fix..


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