creative zen sleek photo

wow, it just turns off when i turn it on.. usually it displays a “low battery” message, but I guess I let it sit around so long (a few weeks to a month?) that the low battery just completely drained out..

so i plugged it in and tried to turn it on, but it kept doing that.. got scared for a long time! i went to recovery mode by holding play/pause while putting a paper clip into the reset.. and hit reboot.. and it had enough power to say “low battery” and turn itself off less than a second later (usually it stays there until i power it off.) weird.

now it had enough power to dock. phew! i thought it may have died.. i would’ve been so mad since i’ve had it for .. 1 year and 3 months?

the best part is that one paper clip was too fat so i had to get a skinnier one!


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