asus eee 900 woes

“so that’s why it was so slow..”

turns out the 16G version has the slow and crappy 16gb SSD that’s included in the 20G (fast 4gb for OS + slow 16gb for data) version of the eee 900.

what a mistake. that’s the only downside to it.. and it makes the thing half unusable.

looks like i’m going to just return it when I can. the return period ends sep 16 which is a day or two after I get back from my NY trip.. which was “half” the reason of buying it. which reminds me, my sister’s coming with me on the trip, and she has a laptop… wtf? I think I just owned myself and never needed one to begin with. (edit: never mind, she isn’t, i got confused)

and by the time I return it, the MSI Wind in white 6-cell linux form should be available =D

now to use the hell out of it before I return it, or just return it in good condition..


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