“external cd-rom drive”

never had one, but i do have this USB to IDE cable as well as a DC to molex power adapter. it doesn’t connect very well (its too fat) for a cd-rom drive.. but hell, i tried anyways. set the BIOS to boot USB then CD then SSD but nothing happened so i thought it didn’t work. should’ve tried it on my computer.. it does indeed work, even though the USB cable is for “hard drives”.

so I spent 6 hours making a WinXP install on a USB drive, then installing it, while killing my flash drive.. for almost nothing. pretty much just experience.

maybe Windows detects it but the BIOS doesn’t.

.. yeah, never mind. I was right. works inside windows because of the usb controller interface.. BIOS doesn’t see the drive at all.

.. I really don’t want to install another OS from a flash drive.. ever..


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