seems like i haven’t posted in ages. well, because.. i haven’t. i’ve been engineering less – not nothing, just not enough to write about. but here’s something:

magicJack.. VoIP for $20 a YEAR. unlimited local/long distance to US AND Canada! that totally beats the $20/mo we’re paying for an AT&T local landline.. that we rarely use.

it has to run through a computer (boo) since all the computers at home for my parents are older and less efficient. but the service works fine. nothing to complain about.

they assign a phone number and you get to pick the area code + exchange.. but you can’t port in your phone number, even though they said you would be able to.. and the FCC requires VoIP providers to. sucks that I have to hold on to my landline to keep the phone number until the day magicJack could provide porting (which could be never.) a lot of our accounts are tied to this landline number that we have, and relatives and friends know it, so I really want to try and keep it. i’ve been using this house number for pretty much my whole life, too. i really hope they bring that in.

that’s all i have to say about that, i guess. no detailed review, works as expected.


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