toshiba m35x-s149 keyboard mania: the end

some time ago (a year?) the keyboard on my toshiba m35x-s149 (as if it didn’t have enough problems already.. with the DC jack and funky wireless) would completely screw up when any of a few select keys were pressed.

i think it was caused by overheating – I left it at Leslie’s house one day because I was going to go back later anyways, and she gave it back to me inside the case (which was meant for a really old 12″ laptop) and it was actually STILL ON. I heard the low battery beep in the car and quickly gave it room to breathe but it was burning hot. some time later the keyboard had the malfunction and the only real way to use it was to connect a keyboard. (although, i was surprised to see how much i could do without those keys.)

now i’m in NY and I’ve had my laptop at the window for a while, in the brisk cold. i was in an ssh terminal thinking that i couldn’t type much, but i managed to type “uptime” and noticed that it didn’t screw up. thinking that those weren’t bad keys (one of them really was), i typed “ls”, “ps”, and “help”, and they all worked. i then went into a blank text editor and went all out on the keys, and it worked fine.

i don’t know if God pulled a miracle and finally freed me of the burden of the past 9 months (having to carry another keyboard around), or if it was simply putting it back into the cold that did it.. since originally i think it was the heat that broke it.


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