audio “system” complete

for a while i wanted to figure out a way to play music from my computer onto the home theater speakers downstairs, while i’m cleaning, or my friends are over, etc. it had to meet the following specifications:

  • i already had a LAN cable dragged down there, but i did not want to have another computer on at the other end, for several reasons.. power dissipation, boot time, latency, bandwidth, protocol overhead, etc..
  • i want to have my entire database of my computer’s music, along with my media player for DFX/

well, two bullets, but lots of inner specifications. anyways, i was about to buy a wireless sound transmitter on woot, but i encountered a better idea before going to New York: stereo extension cables!

in New York I bought 2 (would’ve gotten more but there weren’t any, and I was happy with 2) 15′ stereo extension cables to go with a 6′ stereo-to-RCA cable, to go from my computer upstairs to the sound system downstairs. i now have this long cable (which i don’t mind), and have solved my problem with less than $5! cheap engineering indeed.

now I wish I bought a stereo splitter so that I could just have the sound output to both speakers (usually having one off, of course) without having to keep switching cables (at least that’s conveniently accessible.)


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