a sad ending to my cell phone charger

we made some interesting cabling arrangements in our room next to my bed. my cell phone charger ended up going around my alarm clock, which is OK.

but sometime when my bed got misaligned from the frame, i shoved it back in. it took me over a whole day to notice that my cell phone charger’s wire was in there.

last night, i tried to charge it, but there was no connection. it was plugged in, power strip on, other end plugged in correctly. some mess happened in the middle and i knew i must have screwed it up. i pulled the whole charger out in the morning but didn’t look at it until after class. it really looks like someone just took a scissor to the wire.

what a way to end my 5 years and 9 days with this cell phone charger.. :( the cell phone still works of course.. but actually the 7 and 5 keys are losing their responsiveness.

i will use the other nokia chargers i have, but they are different models with different output characteristics (even though the current limit is way way way more than enough for the cell phone to charge, and i’ve used it for months already.)


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