un-amazing vacuum belt change

after doing it many times in my youth with my dad (picking up free “broken” vacuums off the sidewalk – 90% of them just had a broken belt), i actually had to do it once myself.

i brought this vacuum to Cal Poly at the beginning of 2008, but noticed that it wasn’t spinning at the bottom. the motor was still running, so i figured it was a common belt problem. i never really had to vacuum much though, so i just left it alone. i also left it at Cal Poly over the summer.

school just started, and on a visit to Rite Aid I saw some vacuum belts which led me to want to fix the problem because i would be using this vacuum for another year. i didn’t think that there was a chance that the correct one would be in stock (especially with so many numbers laying around):

Hoover Encore Supreme U4261-930
Series B 7.0
Bag A
Belt # 38528-027

so Wilson went on an Albertson’s/Rite Aid trip today and asked if I wanted it, but started spewing out belt/part numbers that seemed to have no correlation. i kept googling and found a bunch of belt pairs for like $4 so I figured I might as well just buy the correct one online. I googled some more and noticed that the part number and belt number were different numbers with some correlation, and that one of the part numbers he spewed out was related to the belt for this vacuum. so he got it.

and of course the belt is tiny compared to the old torn-up worn-out belt. with a lot of force I got the belt on and the vacuum .. thing.. was spinning properly. yes!


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