dd-wrt wireless fallback oddity

for some reason dd-wrt auto-fallback’ed the wireless side to 5.5 mbps. for a long time. it does that regularly.. i don’t know why, but we’re all really close to the router.

anyways, wilson was doing a file transfer under the SSH protocol through WLAN, but QoS prioritizes SSH only on the WAN side. it was going at “120 kB/s” (according to nautilus) but apparently the wireless side of the router was choking so hard that internet browsing was pretty slow (but not unusable). wired clients were unaffected and i was still browsing fast HTTP while maxing out download speed on a HTTP transfer and maxing out upload on a torrent (set as bulk traffic).

for now i forced it to 54mbps instead of auto, which sorta fixes the problem (but not really), and doesn’t tell me why it happened in the first place.. but that’s enough for a few whiny individuals.

i would whine too, if i used wireless permanently.


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