rockbox sound quality vs winamp+dfx

wow. i’ve been using DFX for.. 7 years or so? i’ve been unable to live without the fidelity (and sometimes the hyperbass) settings while listening to winamp on my pc (which is how i listened to music on a regular basis 99% of the time.)

recently i got a rockbox’d mp3 player, and at first it sounded a bit trashy. with some tweaks/burn-in i got it to sound normal, and now i crank up the bass (+12 dB) and treble (+15 dB). two simple settings… actually sounds a LOT better than Winamp is sounding with DFX right now. even better with my new Sennheiser CX300B in-ear earphones, as opposed to my Steelsound 5HV2 or Sennheiser PC150.

i’m trying to tweak the equalizer and DSP settings to mimic the goodness of simple “bass” and “treble” settings, but it isn’t working as well.

so for now, rockbox > winamp+dfx in terms of my sound satisfaction. this is sad. very sad. i need a fix to this madness..

edit: hahahah no wonder. my winamp equalizer was off the entire time i was tweaking it. time to fix that..


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