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nexys board transplant complete!

November 22, 2008

so yeah, about the USB power transistor that Wilson/Viet broke.. Wilson bought me several other transistors over the summer, and we were able to use the microscope and fine-tip soldering iron in the EE Microwave Lab to pull out the fried transistor and put on the new one. it only took 2 hours and like 25 tries.. and i sent the transistor flying everywhere, because it was so small. i ended up losing one of them. but now the nexys board works! and i can use the 2 nexys boards in my final communications project.


the return of packet loss

November 4, 2008

it was a little different this time. it started on a random (or not-so-random day) .. I think Sunday? and it was a little intermittent so there were no big specific clues on to what caused it. I started ping plots and the characteristics were similar to those of what happens in Spring with Charter… except it never actually goes completely down. just 20-50% packet loss all the time.

i came up with an idea of what may have caused it, but forgot it. and then today, on the way to class, I had remembered that I connected my TV tuner before I went to sleep Saturday night. I disconnected it and packet loss instantly became 0.

which makes me wonder.. what exactly caused it? I’m not sure if we’re splitting the line “too much”.. we have a short coax to a 3-way splitter, which goes to a TV (short coax), cable modem (short coax), and bedroom TV splitter (long coax), which splits to me (short coax) and Wilson (medium length coax). all we really did.. was add me, and change some of the cables in doing so.

so there you go, what I thought was our router’s fault and maybe Charter’s fault ended up being my fault. so much for attempting to plot packet loss from the world to our neighbors in this building, who suffered the same packet loss back when Charter really had/has issues every Spring.