Mac OS X on Asus EEE 1000HA using iDeneb 10.5.5

Follow the first guide, but here are some little inconveniences I ran into and how to deal with them:

Install from USB flash/hard drive – don’t hassle yourself more by trying to do this. get an external DVD drive or use a USB to IDE/SATA enclosure like me.
Freeze on setup/startup – BIOS Update to fix ACPI.
Unable to erase partition – don’t use logical/extended partitions (Ubuntu likes to make these by default.) Partition ahead of time (no need to format them though.)
Installer randomly closing – disable LAN/Audio in BIOS.
Loop of “Do you already own a mac?” over and over – bypass the intro by using this (create a “done” flag)
Read-only file system when booting with -s – boot from CD and it will automount filesystems with read/write permissions. cd into /Volumes/fs and do your thing.
“Login Items” missing in System Preferences/Accounts – I don’t know what to do..

No wired/wireless interfaces – I don’t know what to do =(


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