Charter caps and DD-WRT ttraff daemon

Charter added 100GB monthly caps to <= 15Mbps service (which is us – we have 5000/512 here.) That doesn’t go really well with our apartment’s recent habits..

January 2009 (Incoming: 208027 MB / Outgoing: 65253 MB)
February 5, 2009 (Incoming: 24011 MB / Outgoing: 4334 MB)
February 6, 2009 (Incoming: 25044 MB / Outgoing: 4525 MB)
February 7, 2009 (Incoming: 17455 MB / Outgoing: 4485 MB)
February 8, 2009 (Incoming: 22946 MB / Outgoing: 4223 MB)

The ttraff daemon on our router actually died a couple more times. Our router itself died a couple times because there were too many concurrent connections (things start breaking at about 2000/4096. I usually want to say at <= 1300.) People have odd torrent configuration settings and I want to try to maximize bandwidth use and internet workability. By setting proper incoming ports and QoSing them to bulk (along with the BitTorrent protocol, if even necessary) then all incoming connections (which are [non?]surprisingly most, at least on small torrents) will be dealt with properly. But what about outgoing? They get shaped by the BT protocol rule. But what about encrypted outgoing?

That’s when I forced outgoing to those ports. Then it should be ok for everyone to have nearly uncapped (50 kB/s) usage — management/fair division of the bandwidth should be done at the router level.

But I can’t believe that they broke the router and the daemon. Well.. I don’t like the fact that the daemon dies to begin with.


One Response to “Charter caps and DD-WRT ttraff daemon”

  1. abaqueiro Says:

    Hi, I have a dd-wrt linksys router, and I had the same problem, the router dies after several hours when I activate the QoS, also when a lot of conections are made, more than 1000, but it gets worse with the QoS active.

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