Using find(1) to recursively clean LaTeX compiles

I keep all of my resumes with this sort of directory structure:
resumes/2009/company/resume.tex (along with cover.tex for cover letters, and whatnot)

Now it’s all under SVN so I only have the *.tex sources under revision control. But when there are a billion compiled DVIs/PSs/PDFs/etc, it’s a little annoying to look at a really long “svn status” command.

So.. I delete them all!
find . \( -name "*.dvi" -o -name "*.ps" -o -name "*.pdf" -o -name "*.aux" -o -name "*.log" \) -type f -print -delete

Using find(1) I can find files. I match for outputs ORed with each other and delete them (print for confirmation). This isn’t exactly the best way (ORing specific filetypes), but it works for what I’m doing for now.


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