CD/DVD in the boot sequence?

On some BIOSes you had to put the disc device in the boot order in order to boot off of it. But now, many BIOSes (my own PCs, along with new ones I’m setting up at work) allow you to press F11/F3 “for BBS popup” (I think that’s what it’s called) which stops the system when it’s about to boot off of a device, and lets you choose what device to boot from.

The “norm” around work is to change the order in the BIOS, but I think that is too much work and can cause other problems (idiocy in general and LAN boots in the boot order). Why not just press one key to boot off a CD when you’re only going to do it <=5 times in the computer's lifetime? (Okay, maybe 8 for some of our systems, but who cares.)

On the machines I deem "mine" (if I can) I just wipe the boot order – just leave the hard drive there. If I want to boot off of anything else (which doesn't happen regularly) I will choose it myself.


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