Enter the world of backups

I’ve had my growing collection of documents, pictures, and music for a long time.. and I never really backed it up. I’ve only moved it from disk to disk as my needs increased.. I went from 250 to 500 to 1000 to 2000gb “my data” disks in the last few years. However, I had a bit of a scare when I switched to 2TB this summer. It seemed like the disk was clicking, though it wasn’t. I got my data back after a week of downtime (I bet the disk worked the entire time..) but it was scary. I didn’t want to lose all my stuff.

I considered RAID. I only thought about getting around disk crashes. It works. However my system wouldn’t be as green since I’d have two disks powered on at once when I only need one.

Then I considered putting it in my htpc (Win7) to use Windows Backup with. This way, I could use the 2tb for backup AND DVR storage. But after using Windows Backup locally, I decided to avoid the tool. I wanted incremental backups and all of my files intact as is (can care less about filesystem used and permissions, though I’d like timestamps. Just don’t give me broken permissions like Cygwin does), not archived .zip files.

Now I’m looking at an rsync-based solution. I used it a lot in the past but it (along with cygwin, wget, and SVN) has caused me a lot of headaches with regards to NTFS permissions. This way I can rsync locally to do my initial very very large backup, then move the disk to the other machine to do regular incremental backups. I can even move it to another system offsite in the future, if desired.

Please.. just work.. I don’t want to go scouring for another solution.


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