Motherboards with onboard DVI+VGA

.. tend to be DVI-D + VGA. That is, the DVI port is digital-only so you can’t use a standard DVI-VGA adapter. You can only use those with DVI-I. DVI-I is the “DVI” connection that has analog signal pins also.

“I” is for Integrated digital+analog pins in 1 plug and “D” is for digital-only. “A” exists for analog only but I’ve never actually seen that in use.

On a HDMI+DVI+VGA board I was thinking about connecting the DVI monitor to the HDMI port and a VGA monitors to the DVI and VGA ports, but my plan was foiled by the fact that the motherboards with onboard DVI tend to be DVI-D and not DVI-I.

Onwards to making a 4-VGA-and-some-DVI/HDMI-output system for work! Hopefully my future jobs are as lenient as my current one in allowing people to do whatever they want to their PCs, wire their personal laptops to the network, bring their own gear, etc.


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