Garage situation

This isn’t really a technology issue but the thought process is a bit interesting here..

We just recently cleaned out the garage.. we haven’t been able to park a car in it for pretty much my entire life. My 2009 Civic is pretty small but at the same time, there’s not much entry/exit space after the car is parked. Such is a common problem with all garages – if there are passengers to be unloaded, people tend to unload them in the driveway before parking in the garage. Right now there’s actually more space than I should have since it’s about 60% empty.

We have a backup car (which is also Civic-like in smallness) permanently parked on the right side of the driveway. Of course the 40% stuff in the garage is occupying the right side as well. Now here’s some points:

  1. If I park in garage-left and my mom parks in driveway-left, I can’t back out of the garage.
  2. We want to eventually clear out that other 40%
  3. We may want to get rid of the backup car, but that’s not a priority

On most (and definitely not all, I would say 90%) working days, this works. I leave for work after my mom, I get back from work before my mom, and I don’t go out afterwards on worknights (90% now). Weekends are a lot more strange (this weekend was the first since the garage was available.) The annoyances are almost not worth the benefit, so how to make it better?

IMO.. we can clean the rest of the garage. Have me parked (sandwiched) on the right and my mom on the left. I still can’t get out if my mom is there (same as before), and when she’s gone, I can wiggle my way out (I think).


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