Nitpicks: TweetCaster Pro for Android

I used the official Twitter for Android when I got my first Android device in February. A few months later, Amazon released TweetCaster Pro for free as its Free App Of The Day promotion.

I tried it, and liked having a “Jump to top” button (that is SOOO useful), and image previews. I use it very often, sometimes way more than others. Doing so, I found a few things that I’d like to see fixed.

Previews work.. but only in Timeline mode, or on someone’s profile page. If I stumble over the same tweet through Mentions or Thread, nothing will preview. Also, application handlers fail in a similar fashion. I use TweetCaster Pro to read TwitLonger links, as well as images from twitpic/yfrog/etc. It really cuts down on the time needed to access the desired content, by avoiding launching the browser and loading the bloat.

Similarly, a YouTube link will properly launch into the Android YouTube app, but not if I click the link through Mentions or Thread.

I’m not reproducing this behavior at the moment; this is all coming from my memory, so I might be slightly off, but the issue is definitely there.

There has been a rising frequency, over the past month or two, of connection errors while loading tweets or threads. I don’t know if this is a TweetCaster problem or Twitter API issue, but it has happened to me on various Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks.

I’m a location whore, so I enjoy adding my current coordinates to my tweet (as long as it’s not exposing private information — generally the location of my home.) However, when I enable it with TweetCaster, it doesn’t tell me if it successfully obtained a position or not, so I have no idea if it got added, and I don’t know how long to wait. An even nicer feature would be to show me a preview of the detected location, to make sure I didn’t end up with something absurd from Wi-Fi geocaching.

I miss being able to open one tweet. Sometimes I want to show a tweet to a friend, but I have to show them a timeline of tweets and say “look at this one” or cover the others with my hand.

Someday there will be an API to see replies to the currently viewed tweet. AFAIK only the web twitter client (including supports this.

Overall, I love TweetCaster Pro, it has tons of features, support for a bunch of features that I don’t use, and options to customize things just the way you want it.

Edit: I like how a release came a few days after, which allowed seeing replies to a tweet.


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