PSA: every installation of Google+ Hangouts keeps an “Away” instance on Google Talk/XMPP

As you may know, Google Talk worked with XMPP clients, with the good old offline/away/available presence statuses. Google’s trying to do away with offline, such that you’re always “away” on your mobile device (which I also disagree with – I should be Available on my mobile device when I’m available on my mobile device, and I should be offline when the device is unreachable.)

Similarly, this “away” instance stays away even when your device is offline. It doesn’t work like Talk did, where your device constantly disconnects and reconnects itself on a daily basis. So if you’re wiping your phone or transferring to a new phone, you might want to sign out of Hangouts first, to avoid having instances hanging around all the time.

In a fully-Google ecosystem where everyone’s using Hangouts as their client, it “won’t matter” (but it’s a bad practice for them to be doing that.) However, as Google wants to keep XMPP compatibility around, people will keep using IM clients, and consequently, keep the idea of presence.


One Response to “PSA: every installation of Google+ Hangouts keeps an “Away” instance on Google Talk/XMPP”

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    […] on the backend, which uses XMPP (well, I suppose a variant of it) at its core. The thing is, as I mentioned in a post last year, an installation of Hangouts keeps one instance of your login (XMPP supports multiple logins) […]

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