Canon EOS 5D Mark II loose connectivity with Speedlite flash

This applies to any Canon EOS body, I suppose, and any flash. I’m using a Canon Speedlite 580EX II flash.

Some time late last year, my flash started going TTL, firing full power at my friends’ faces. They were blind, and I was blind too (as to why that was happening.) In the 2-3 times that I’ve used my flash since, I’ve seen it happen, and just switch to manual flash exposure, which is a huge pain to get right.

I thought something was really wrong with my body or flash. I tried another flash and it worked. I tried another body and it worked. Huh? I was able to get to the flash config menu……… sometimes. I eventually got it to consistently work and fail, by tilting the flash a certain way. Then I knew it was a loose connectivity problem.

So I finally Googled around and found a 5-minute answer.

Apparently, the screws on the shoe were loose, and needed tightening. That alone did the job. Quite irritating that it inconvenienced me that much, but at least it was only that much, and the fix was fast.


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