Per-device settings for Google+ Location Reporting, post-Latitude era

In the Latitude era, the Maps app had settings to report location data to your Google account. This included a global account-wide setting, and a newer “Report from this device” setting. However, after Google axed Latitude in favor of Google+ Locations, they changed not only the frontend, but the backend as well. Gone are the familiar options to disable reporting from a specific device.

I turned on my tablet (HP TouchPad running a CyanogenMod build of Android) which I haven’t turned on in weeks. Since it stays at home, of course, the “Report from this device” option was always unchecked. I updated all my apps, and got the new Google Settings app. Then I saw that my location kept being set at home, even when I was out, so I was zigzagging at impossible speeds.

Looking around the settings on the tablet, there was no obvious alternative to “Report from this device”. I looked around and the options were not only less powerful, but less clear and more confusing. Since there were only a few options (“Location Reporting” and “Location History” on/off for my Google account completely), I figured it would be best to just try them.

Under, I turned “Location Reporting” from on to off. To me, this disables it from the entire account. They shouldn’t word it this way when they know that people have multiple devices – and they should’ve been aware of the “only report from specific devices” situation when making the old product’s replacement. But alas, they did not. I don’t know what Google is thinking nowadays, but their releases are getting sloppier, when they should be getting better.


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