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Ubuntu and vim-latex (vim-latexsuite)

March 31, 2009

If you just install vim-latexsuite, the vim-latex plugins don’t get loaded. From here you can add the runtime directory of the addon to your .vimrc (because it is installed in /usr/share/vim/addons/), but that doesn’t solve all the problems.

You need to run “sudo vim-addons -w install latex-suite” to get it to run with vim. Of course, if you’re missing vim-addons you need to install the vim-addon-manager package.


How to download an embedded FLV from

March 30, 2009

Choose your video; look at the HTML source for a line that looks like:
documentWrite('<param name="movie" value="/flash/player_net9_200809191.swf?link=1000" />');

The number of interest is 1000. That implies that the location of the .flv file is at Use this technique for your video of choice.

How to link to a post on

March 12, 2009

find the post number by mousing over PM/profile/quote and looking at where it links to.
take the current URL and add #postnum to it.

so simple/easy/sad it’s not there..