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what appears to be left

March 30, 2008

spring 2008: 17 units, 23 hours/week
fall 2008: 20 units, 26 hours/week
winter 2009: 15 units, 27 hours/week
spring 2009: 14 units, 22 hours/week
labs just get crazier and crazier, it seems.

with the unfinalized fall schedule that’s posted so far, those 5 classes are literally impossible as of now because of time conflicts. i hope things change when we get closer..

it’s a long while away, but i gotta pay attention to these things.



March 29, 2008

was trimming trees the other day with my dad..

how do i approach this big mess?
and the first thing i thought of — depth-first or breadth-first?

solar paneled house + electric car

March 28, 2008

what a combo. i’m so doing that when i get enough money..
with like $4/gal gas prices, “infinitely free” driving seems kinda cool
too bad “hybrid” is not “fully electric”

better do more research before i dive in, though.
that probably requires one big ass capacitor.

wow sound card

March 25, 2008

“why didn’t I think of this earlier”

in the other case, it was absolutely fine. moved it to this one, sound totally leaked over into the microphone. there had to be a short of some sort. thought it was a software issue.

tried another sound card yesterday, hated it. so i thought of/tried something random and disconnected the front panel audio headers again, shorting pins 5/6 and 9/10 as usual, and .. voila, problems gone.

i can’t believe i put up with that crap for 3 months and didn’t think of that.


March 24, 2008

So after years of “I’m healthy, but I think I’m missing something” and I went to get my full checkup today.
.. I’m completely fine. Could use a little more weight though.
I was anticipating some “you’re destroying your body” news, but “you’re great” is also pretty good.
My physician was really nice and talked to me about school and stuff. As usual, I gave the condensed story. Do they always do that? Seems like they make fun and comfortable talk now. Maybe it’s just cause I’m in college.
She said that grades really aren’t everything, passion and motivation are. And that’s what I have. The workplace is where I’m going to learn most of my networking anyways; 2 quarters (CPE 464/465) in college probably barely introduces the subject.
Haha, she was so nice. She even asked if I wanted extensive checking on my “groin” and blood tests and cholesterol and stuffs, but I couldn’t do some because if I was to not eat for 12 hours, I’d have to prepare for it.
She even explained to me exactly how the “grab your balls and cough” thing from high school sports physicals really works; I never exactly knew! .. and it’s not exactly that!
And ironically, “상관없어” (“Don’t Give A Damn”) was just randomed on my winamp..

Yep, I’m home, and I was fairly productive for the first 12 hours, and kinda ran out of things to do. Saving watching dramas and stuff for “school time” as well as other things. Must do home-only things.. at home! Hell quarter ahead! And yes.. I’m checking my grades every couple hours. D:

Played 1 game of DDR at golfland, since it was right there.. I was driving back and forth between Jacklin and Calaveras for my mom and doctor and dentist. Sakura + Heart Momo + Speed Mix owned me. I still PA though! but I got wiped.

I haven’t been listening to music as much at home as I would in my apartment. Half because I’m at home, half because it’s just different. I really love and miss my speakers and home though, bass and treble so perfect..

Video games are getting old. For like 5 years I’ve tried fighting against the fact that I can’t keep up with that stuff anymore, and now I give up. Keeping up takes too much. Leisure ftw :D I don’t care about all the new stuffs, SLI, DX10, SC2, blah blah blah.. good classic games every once a couple weeks does it for me.

Got andLinux installed, seems very decent but I will continue to use PuTTY/ until I have everything exactly how i want it.


March 18, 2008

Korean it is.
Just listening/speaking/translating, reading/writing is way too hard.
As seen by years of Chinese school. haha.

Freaking SM Entertainment, making us fall in love with their characters! >:O

something random

March 15, 2008

I average..
25000-45000 keys per day
15000-30000 clicks per day
1-1.2 miles of mouse movement per day

holy crap. o__O

Closing Up

March 10, 2008

Last normal week, final programs and lab report/final.. As well as a bunch of other, smaller things.

Finals kinda suck:
3/11 Tue: EE 346 (no idea)
3/19 Wed 4-5:30: BIO 213 (guaranteed 100%)
3/19 Wed 5:30-7: ENGR 213 (1-2 hours studying/cheatsheet will do)
3/21 Fri 10-1: EE 306 (hell, brain packed bits of information)
3/21 Fri 1-4: CSC 357 (hard, but simple)

Tried to get 357 final moved up to have the entire week to study for EE, and Nico actually couldn’t. If I can move EE to Thursday, that would be nice.. and just study 1 day for 357.

Roommates went home this weekend for bayarea housing stuffs, and my mom insisted on sending down food.. And I didn’t want to bother my roommates.. as much as I wanted some bok choy/yu choy/just one box of goodies. I felt like I’ve bothered them too much .. when I probably haven’t at all. That’s just me.

So yeah.. rice once a day max, some random crap (pizza? pasta? quiznos? other?) for the other meal, and cereal for breakfast, if at all..

Lots of little things are getting to me at a bad time, and I’m going pretty crazy.. but it’ll be alright. Housing shit’s retarded, trying to satisfy everyone and myself with all sorts of location/room/price restrictions. I told myself that I’d live with Peter for at least 1 year, and that hasn’t happened. =P

New GPA goal for the quarter, now that we’re at the end.. is a 3.53, with absolute lowest being a 3.38. Bleh.

I listened to 김태연 – 만약에 at least 60 times over the span of 2 days =x

Okay, enough of that.. back to doing this last EE lab report worth 30% of our grade and preparing for the lab final worth another 30% of our grade..

damn broccoli

March 5, 2008

i remember getting myself owned last year for this same thing..

broccoli with stems for $1.29/pound, or broccoli crowns for $1.49/pound?

my thinking (but non-thorough thinking) led me to buy the cheaper one, since i do eat stems anyways..

but damn.. thats a hell of a lot of stems. and they weren’t that great. so little did i realize.. i saved 20 cents at the cost of having half or more of the weight of my broccoli being extremely crappy.

oh well. until next time. I’LL REMEMBER NEXT TIME.


March 3, 2008

After having a delicious large Mesquite Chicken from Quizno’s on Saturday (it’s been YEARS), I realized that.. well, I haven’t eaten stuff that wasn’t my cooking all that much this quarter. Normally it’s very minimal, but.. not this minimal.

So I whip out my trusty Excel sheet that logs every time money comes out of my pocket (and filter out the non-outmeal results):
1/17/2008 $4.30 Chick-Fil-A
3/1/2008 $7.53 Quizno's

Holy crap. Over 2 months of school, I’ve paid for.. TWO meals. The other.. 150+.. were my own cooking.

Thanks to my roommates for bringing me a restocking from home for MLK weekend, and Peter for bringing stuff the weekend before Chinese New Year.. and then bringing me the weekend after that. And of course.. my mom for picking out and buying all the “nice-looking” 白菜 (bok choy) and 菜心 (choy sum) for me. (As well as other not-so-critical things.. and packing them.)

Needless to say, I spend way too much cooking and it needs to be brought down next quarter – aka, rare trips home or none at all. Sad part is, when I thought about that, I already considered having Angela bring things down at the end of week 4, and my sister bring things up whenever she planned to visit.. @___@ I feel so terrible.

Which brings me to the next thing.. what I actually reg’d for >_>